The future of technology.
SINCE 1970.

Established in 1970 in Oderzo, Italy, Montenero is a reference point in the production of tools for the processing of woods and its derivatives.

Cutting-edge technologies, guided by the invaluable experience of its technicians, enables Montenero to make thousands of standard and customised tools each year, in PCD (polycrystalline diamond) or HW (hard metal), with mechanical insert or in integral HW. These satisfy the most specific requests, thanks to the constant updating of production facilities and investment in dedicated industrial processes for all kinds of applications.


Quality as a mission.

Montenero is dedicated to continuous technological evolution, thus maintaining its level of precision and absolute quality. Every single tool is meticulously checked by our operators, using state-of-the-art measurement tools, providing our customers with the best tools on the market, which guarantee consistent quality and repeatable performance.

Shared know-how.

The added value of Montenero lies in the passion and commitment with which all its workers operate and pass know-how down from generation to generation. Training and skills are fundamental elements for anticipating the future and are the key to a unique offering, also for customised solutions.


montenero. customer satisfaction.

Customisation, flexibility, effectiveness. Montenero distinguishes itself on the market due to its capacity to imagine and build even the most innovative solutions, thanks to a unique combination of technology and project development skills.

Each idea takes shape thanks to latest generation 3D design software, brought to life in a production process integrated with CAD-CAM systems.

The technological synergy between the technical department’s team of experts, state-of-the-art machinery, production and commissioning all culminate in a result that is just as unique as each of our customers.


When humans make all the difference.

Even if the industry is apparently dominated by technology, Montenero technicians, with their individual skills, training path and experience, are the most solid guarantee of the constructive perfection of our tools and the highest safety standards during their use.

Some delicate steps in the production process are still carried out by hand by Montenero specialists, who internally manage and verify the entire process, in compliance with specifications of excellence.

A problem-solving based approach.

4 factors of global success.

From design to production and after-sales assistance: at Montenero, each step is inspired by superlative quality:

• Reliability as regards the original project and safety of commissioning.
• Absolute Precision in production, with the utmost respect for the request and need.
• Durability over time and resistance to wear of every single part.
• After-sales service with constant dialogue, for complete assistance.

Cutting-edge technology is the ally of quality. This is why we have invested in control devices that have resulted in a tenfold increase in the degree of accuracy for the detection of tools and knife details, to the value of 0.001 mm, guaranteeing even more reliability and the success of a unique product, which shares artisan values and guarantees absolute technical excellence.

tailor made & made in italy.

Be they standard or special, our tools are always unique pieces; we like to define ourselves as “sartorial” industrialists. Our production units make tens of thousands of tools each year. By demonstrating how on field knowledge of work and regulatory evolution enable us to transcend software and by combining the ability of our workforce, we are able to provide our customers with unmistakable Italian quality.

• High quality from the outset: the best raw materials, purchased from selected suppliers.

• Project design evolution: technical drawings made using latest generation CAD-3D-CAM systems.

• Technological future: with cutting-edge machinery and instruments on the market.

• Perfection in processes: the human contribution enriches every single detail.

This is how each Montenero tool can guarantee customer satisfaction, in terms of project design precision, the level of reliability necessary for the work place and resistance to wear over time.